Organize your business documents by scanning them and filing them digitally for your future records. Nevada Blue Ltd offers digital document archiving for companies located in the Reno, NV area that allows you to keep data while freeing up physical space in the office. Paperless offices and digitizing documents are becoming more and more commonplace for businesses of every kind. It’s a good idea to find an easy-to-use way to save, store, and protect critical information and important documents. Make sure you never lose a necessary record by getting document scanning services that will properly index files into an easily accessible system.


Business document scanning allows you to have a digital file of all your records conveniently filed in an electronic archive. Reducing the amount of hard copies and paper files you have in your office makes it less cluttered and is environmentally friendly. You can digitally file a large number of documents and with the right naming conventions, easily search for and find the documents you need. Our archiving scanning services will give you clear digital images that you can duplicate, send to others electronically, and print out without losing the integrity of the document.

These are some of the options our document archiving services offer in Reno:

  • Scan large and small format documents
  • Scan to PDF JPEG or TIFF
  • Scan color or Black & White up to 54″ wide by any manageable length
  • OCR (Optical Character Recognition) services for small format, vectorizing for large to make your document editable
  • (File conversions available, including vectorizing to DWG. Keep your formats intact. Indexing to several levels, depending on your needs.)


Nevada Blue Ltd offers document-scanning services to businesses across the Reno, NV area that want a modern, structured way to keep important records. A file room is time-consuming to organize and sift through; so many professionals have gone paperless to keep up with the demands of their busy offices. Our family-owned and operated company provides personable customer service to ensure that you’re completely satisfied with our business document scanning services. Since 1992, we’ve offered services that meet the highest quality standards in the industry and you can count on us to provide the same excellent service for your company as well.