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Document Scanning & Archiving Near Fernley, NV

Document scanning services help reduce clutter in your office and gives you a way to file important information in a digital format. Nevada Blue is available near Fernley, NV to scan your records and archive them using an indexed system that allows for easy access in the future. When you store your files electronically on your computer or a cloud-based software, you can make your office paperless and more environmentally friendly in the process. Document archiving is convenient for record management because you have clear, well-organized images available to you wherever you are. While physical files are limited and don’t always offer the best quality, digital copies of documents can be shared via email or on a USB drive with no problem. Come to us for scanning and archiving services just 30 minutes from Fernley, NV.

What is Document Scanning?

Run your business more efficiently by scanning the documents you need to hold onto for the long term. You can bring your paper files and records into our walk-in location just 30 minutes from Fernley , and we’ll run them through our high-powered scanner. No matter the quantity of paperwork you bring us, we have the capacity to provide detailed document archiving services. We index your digital records, making it easier to search through and access when you need to refer back to them later. You can get rid of your paper files and keep the information on either a cloud-based software, CD or transfer to a flash drive. Go to Nevada Blue in Reno, NV for hassle-free and cost-effective document management services.

We offer a streamlined process to scan small and high-volume records with a quick turnaround time. Our team does this in a systematic way, which includes:

  • Scan large and small format documents
  • Scan to PDF, JPEG or TIFF with file conversions available, including vectorizing to DWG 
  • Scan color or black & white up to 54″ wide by any manageable length
  • Keep your formats intact with several levels of indexing, depending on your needs
  • Optical character recognition (OCR) services for small format, vectorizing for large to make your document editable 

Get Document Archiving Services Today

At Nevada Blue, we offer document scanning and archiving services that help keep your office more organized and modern. Digital records are an excellent way to keep accounting and payroll documents, clients records, and more without having to store them in a physical location. Turn to our family-owned and operated company for customer service that goes above and beyond. Drop your records off today or contact us at 775-827-4441 to learn more about our services near Fernley, NV.

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