Océ PlotWave 500 Printing Systems

Black & White Large Format Printer / Plotter / Copier / Scanner with Multi-touch Gestures Touchscreen and Cloud Integration

Take control of document costs and project workflows with the instant productivity of the Océ PlotWave® 500 large format printer, copier, and scanner. Printing and collating documents inefficiently can be costly and eat up the valuable time of knowledge workers. With this black & white large format workhorse, you have the power you need to print faster, share faster, and finish projects faster.

The Océ PlotWave 340/360 large format printer works faster by minimizing waiting time and using less energy and print up to 4 or 6 D-size plots/ minute, with virtually no warm-up time. From cold sleep to print in hand, this wide format printer will have your print job ready — in less than 40 seconds. Compared to a slow 4 minutes with conventional large format printers, this easily saves you an hour a day in printing delays, increasing your effective speed up to 300%. No tradeoff between energy consumption and getting a fast first print thanks to the energy efficient Océ Radiant Fusing technology.

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