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Why Builders Need Construction Document Printing

Construction Document

In this digital age where everything is in the cloud, you may be wondering whether there’s a need for construction documents. The answer is that contractors involved with every phase of the building process need a copy of these documents to ensure the job is done right. Look for construction document & blueprint printing services Reno, NV.

Construction Documents Explained

Construction documents are essentially a contract between the owner and the architect as well as the contractor and all subcontractors. These documents take the architect’s ideas and convert them into a buildable project that is safe to be in. They also provide the specific instructions that contractors and subcontracts need to construct the building the right way with detailed drawings and specifications to show workers exactly what to do.
Getting the job done right means getting a copy into the hands of everyone who is involved. We at Nevada Blue LTD can get those documents printed quickly and efficiently.

Copies for Those Who Need Them

Architects create construction documents describing precisely how the design is to be built. They’ll list in detail the materials that are to be used as well as the methods for constructing the building. They’ll also describe all of the components of the building. These are some of the many people who need a copy of the construction document.

1. The Owner
The owner needs two copies, one to keep and one to take to the city office in order to obtain a building permit. The city keeps a copy for its own records and for making a later inspection.

2. The Code Inspector
Once the building is completed, the code inspector will need to examine the building to make sure there aren’t any variations between the building that was permitted and the one that was completed. The inspector needs a copy of the construction documents to make sure the completed building matches all of the specifications in the documents.

3. The Electrical Contractor
The electrical contractor needs a copy of the construction documents in order to know where the wiring goes. They need to see specific designs because light fixtures need to go in a certain place along with all the power outlets. If the building is designed for energy efficiency, the electrical contractor will need to know that as well.

4. The Plumbing Contractor
Plumbing contractors need to know where the water supply is supposed to go and where every pipe should be located. They’ll need to know where to install the drains and faucets so that the plumbing works properly.

5. The HVAC People
The HVAC people need to know where all the ductwork is supposed to go and where to put the vent work in each room. They need to know where to install the heating and air conditioning unit and where the thermostat goes.

Having a printing service nearby makes it convenient for you to get copies of your construction documents into the right hands so that the job is done right. Contact us for more information.

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