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Are you overrun with documents? Twenty years ago professional pundits were claiming an end to paper thanks to the convenience of digital files. Nothing could be further from the truth. Businesses, governments, and individuals are printing as much as ever largely due to the desire for hard copies and backups of important files.

Nevada Blue can help. Our document scanning and archiving services Reno NV can put an end to your paper avalanche. Your documents will be scanned, stored, and indexed to make it easy for you to find them again when needed.

What Document Scanning Can Do For You

There are several good reasons to scan your documents, such as:

  • Save time. You will be able to find the records and files you need much more quickly than rooting through a physical file system.
  • Protect files. Fires can burn down buildings and tornados can carry away papers. The cloud where your scanned files are stored is impervious to natural disasters.
  • Control permission. It’s easy to put passwords on scanned documents to control who can see them. Digital files are more secure than paper files.
  • Share quickly. It’s fast and easy to send and receive scanned documents.
  • Preserve records. Digital data can last forever as long as you maintain your networks and tech infrastructure. Paper records are easily damaged or destroyed.
  • Collaborate easily. You can get all members of a team on board much faster if they can access important documents quickly and simultaneously.

It would be quite time-consuming for you to digitize all your papers yourself. With a document scanning service Reno NV, all the hard work is done for you. You just need to specify which files to scan and Nevada Blue does the rest.

What Archiving Services Can Do For You

A digital archive is a place in the cloud where all your files and documents are stored. You can organize this archive and name different sections of it according to your needs. Then when you need to find a document, with just a few clicks of the mouse it’s on your screen.

Archived files can be shared electronically with others, duplicated in the cloud, or downloaded and printed with no loss of content or resolution. Document archiving services can do the following:

  • Convert files to different formats
  • Index to several levels
  • Scan and upload small and large documents
  • Scan TIFF, PDF, or JPEG files
  • Scan documents up to 54 inches wide and any length in black and white or color

Archiving in the cloud is one of the most effective ways to organize your files and maximize their usefulness. It’s also a sound environmental choice. Reduce your company’s carbon footprint with digital storage. And just think of what you can do with the space where all those file cabinets used to sit.

When you need document scanning companies Reno NV, talk to Nevada Blue. In addition to digitizing your files, we are a full reprographics and printing service center. We offer customized solutions for your printing, scanning, and online storage needs.

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